- The thoughts of a student -


Introduction to Treasure Inside


Introduction (30 seconds)

A little help makes a Big Difference!

Splash (48 seconds)

Source (35 seconds)

Juice (30 seconds)

Two Fish (40 seconds)

My Glasses! (30 seconds)

Compass (30 seconds)

Gem (30 seconds)

Message (30 seconds)

Jigsaw Puzzle (5:00)

A Quick Riddle (1:00)

Visible and obvious ... but where??

Plain Sight (1:00)

Visible and obvious ... but where??

Treasure! (0:30)

Dig, dig, dig. Thar's gold in them thar hills!

The Story of Home (5:00)

What is the one possession that we truly own?

*Driveway* (5:00)

Feeling life brings Cherishing life ... AUTOMATICALLY!

Tsunami Thoughts (5:00)

Hell on earth can happen, but that source is here whenever I turn to it.

No Thanks, Santa! (3:00)

Dear Santa finds himself unemployed! Hear the reason for this terrible misfortune.

Bellfield Lunar Anomaly (5:00)

Instead of an empty vacuum, life itself becomes a miraculous dance.

That Tiny Layer (2:50)

When I don't feel the life in me, it's like I don't see my own feet!

My Radio Store (5:00)

The song of life.

A Dubious Metaphor (2:45)

A profound metaphor ... but maybe it's not quite appropriate??

The Bucket (4:10)

When I hold the most basic, then I behold the most beautiful.

My Other Home (5:00)

I have two homes: one is my house, the other is inside of me.

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